The Together Declaration was formed with one main purpose: to unite people from all walks of life to oppose the government’s draconian response to Covid-19. We recognise the need to push back against the rapidly growing infringements on our personal freedoms.

Since March 2020, the government and the media have suffocated scientific and public debate which is essential in a free and democratic society. Elected representatives are there to serve us, not the other way around.

We are all adults, capable of making the best decisions for our families and our communities, without being threatened or ‘nudged’.

Everyone wants to return to normal life, free from covid scaremongering and we demand an end to the continual interference into our private lives.

If you agree, now is the time to come #Together.

1. Digital ID - Do we want to be a ‘papers please’ society?

In the UK we are born free citizens. We should never have to prove our health status in order to participate in daily life. Covid certification (‘vaccine passports’) has already been introduced in Scotland and Wales without scientific or rational justification. The government has failed to make a scientific case for their use and we must all unite to resist this nonsensical move to curtail our personal freedoms. If you are opposed to digital IDs, sign the Together Declaration.

2. Medical freedom - No jab, no life

Why are care workers and NHS staff being forced to take a vaccination in order to work? The government has not provided any coherent scientific argument for imposing these mandates and private medical information should be confidential. It is unacceptable to force medical procedures on anyone as a condition of employment. This is tantamount to blackmail. The Prime Minister has himself stated that the vaccines do not stop transmission. The whole proposal is absurd. Any medical procedure must be a personal choice.

3. Children’s vaccinations - Our children, our decision

Children are not there to protect adults; we are meant to protect them. It is up to us as parents to decide what is best for our children. They belong in school, with their friends and deserve to grow up in a calm and balanced environment. Let’s give children back their childhood and protect their future.

4. Coronavirus Legislation - Bring back democracy!

The government has used ‘emergency’ legislation to impose restrictions without public consultation or parliamentary scrutiny. We need to hold the government to account. There is now no need for any emergency powers and any discussion in the future must include a cost-benefit analysis with a full public debate. Our rights and freedoms are a fundamental part of our society. They are not bargaining chips.

5. Mass testing - Testing our patience

Constant PCR and lateral flow testing of healthy people is hugely costly, completely unnecessary and distorts reality. The UK is still testing at far higher rates than most other nations. Healthy people unnecessarily isolating is enormously damaging to education, businesses and healthcare services. As Chris Whitty said back in April, we must learn to live with covid just as we have all other seasonal viruses such as ‘flu. We need to get back to normal now.

6. No more restrictions

There is no reason whatsoever for any further restrictions. We need to be fully open in order to rebuild our economy. Millions have been left waiting for healthcare, children having missed crucial years of education, businesses and livelihoods were lost and families separated, all without a proper cost-benefit analysis being carried out. We cannot afford to keep repeating the same mistakes. There is simply no justification for more lockdowns.

7. Open debate – Don’t dictate

In times of crisis, scrutiny and debate become more, not less, important. If people are being forced to make sacrifices, they must be able to freely question and discuss the issues and alternatives. Science and society advance through the free exchange of ideas. We have witnessed ongoing and increasing levels of censorship. The proposed Online Safety Bill is a direct assault on our right to free speech and must be opposed.

Sign the Declaration