Will the UK be a land of Big Tech censorship or Open Debate?

Monday 22nd Nov 7pm.
At: The Light Bar, 233 Shoreditch High St, London.

When Tech companies burst onto the scene they were revolutionary. Peer-to-peer platforms meant that anyone could be a publisher and have their voice heard, reaching large audiences instantly.

Social media was the beating heart of protest movements such as those in Hong Kong and the Arab Spring.

This has rapidly morphed into heavy tech censorship. Now, various posts and people are instantly removed if they do not conform to some arbitrary and changeable set of "community guidelines".

Free speech has been a cornerstone of modern society, yet now we face the prospect of a few Big Tech companies deciding what can and cannot be said online.

What would the Online Safety Bill mean for our society?

Are there circumstances when speech should be monitored or curtailed?

Chair: Alan Miller - #OpenForAll #TogetherDeclaration
Guest speakers:
Rt Hon Mark Francois MP, proposing "David's Law"
Francis Hoar - Barrister
Ella Whelan - Columnist
Dennis Hayes - Academics for Academic Freedom
Timandra Harkness - Author, Broadcaster

Contact: Alan Miller 07956 417 020 - alandmiller@gmail.com

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