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#Together's Mission

These last few years have been tremendously challenging. Overnight a draconian, controlling relationship formed with our elected representatives in the name of ‘keeping us safe’. 

Many of us did not feel ‘safe’ with this uninvited restructuring of the social contract. We did not consent to having our lives disrupted with overbearing and punitive measures. Left unchecked, we saw governments all around the world adopt authoritarianism. This has been enormously damaging in myriad ways. The ripple effect will be felt for generations. 

On a positive note, we have also demonstrated how powerful we are when we come together with strong purpose and unity. We have demonstrated that we do have an impact, we can make a difference and change things.  

#Together’s Core Principles:

Together Core Principles
  • No future overreach in the name of ‘safety’. We say #NeverAgain to Lockdowns. This was a huge policy failure, which must be acknowledged and never repeated. 
  • Uphold fundamental rights for citizens, applying unified pressure when legislation puts these at risk. 
  • Safeguarding open debate and free speech. We must have the freedom to discuss and challenge ideas in order to progress as a society. 
  • Freedom to congregate and protest. Our fundamental right to meet, organise, protest, pray, dance and socialise is ours and ours alone. In a functioning democracy, this cannot be removed by the State. This was entirely wrong and should never be repeated. 
  • Medical treatment must never be mandated and freely given informed consent, without coercion, is essential. Medical treatment should never be a condition of employment or of participating in society in any way.
  • Privacy and anonymity are a fundamental right and enormously important for citizens in daily life. The extension of Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies create worrying surveillance possibilities by their very design. We must remain vigilant to ensure they are not abused. 
  •  We, the public, must always be heard and not treated with contempt or sidelined. Our voices must be heard by those in power.


The government is there to serve us, the people. They are elected representatives who must be open, transparent, honest and accountable at all times. 

Join our membership, because whatever needs to be achieved, we are stronger #together