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Introducing the Together Cabinet

Together has been working with experts in: Law and Order, Policing, Social Care, Healthcare, Democracy, Transport, Hospitality, Housing, Media, the Economy, Farming, the Public Sector and Net Zero.

These people have been prepared to stand up for their industries in the current political climate. We have built a volunteer Cabinet team with specialist Working Groups to champion public interests in the media, stand up for the politically homeless and ensure that the current orthodoxy and groupthink is challenged.

The Together Cabinet aims to provide real opposition – a people’s opposition.

Amanda Hunter

Social Care

Dementia champion and social care disruptor. Founder of Unlock Care Homes, a grassroots group of family campaigners who sought to bring an end to inhumane visiting restrictions in care settings during the lockdowns. Amanda now campaigns for wholesale review and reform of social care delivery for those adversely impacted during lockdowns and those in crisis. The group is also actively involved with other campaign groups that are exploring alternative models of care – both within institutional and community settings.

Amanda studied Social Policy and Politics at Bristol University and is passionate about social care reform.

She has lived and worked across Europe and now resides in Cambridgeshire.

Amanda is Chair of the Cabinet Workgroup on Social Care which campaigns for radical reform across the social care sector. Her current focus is on domiciliary care and the plight of unpaid carers particularly.

Ben Pile

Net Zero

Ben is an independent writer and researcher, filmmaker and commentator. He has been writing on the science and politics of climate and the environment for publications such as Spiked-online since the mid-2000s and is a frequent contributor to shows on GB News, Talk TV and others.

He is the co-founder of Climate Debate UK, which helps the public, journalists and other organisations find the information necessary for democratic discussion about climate and energy policy.

Ben is the Chair of the Cabinet Workgroup on Net Zero. He is the author of Together Declaration & Climate Debate UK report, ‘Is there an ‘air pollution crisis’ in UK cities? which demonstrated that neither the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) nor the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants (COMEAP) could find evidence of a causal link between air pollution and mortality. Ben and his report have been quoted extensively in the media.

Charlotte Gracias


Charlotte has over 25 years experience in the public sector as a successful digital services and operational lead. She has been an activist and campaigner for many years, tackling local issues on behalf of residents, canvassing with political parties as well as being part of larger national campaigns.

She is the Chair of the Cabinet Workgroup on Healthcare using her background, knowledge and contacts to focus on key NHS issues and health policy as well as ensure the public are put at the heart of the debate and decision making on the health service. She works alongside the Executive Board members Dr Renee Hoenderkamp, Dr Tony Hinton and Dr Steve James.

David Axe


David has worked in the insurance industry for over 25 years. He has an MA in Philosophy having returned to education later in life. He is also a founder member of Invoke Democracy Now, a pro-Brexit campaign established to uphold the democratic mandate to leave the EU and stood for The Brexit Party in the 2019 General Election.

David is the Chair of the Cabinet Workgroup on Democracy. He runs weekly sessions on issues pertaining to the democratic deficit revealed and exacerbated during lockdowns and produces briefings to influence political discussion of these issues via the media.

Francis Hoar

Law and Order

Francis is a barrister who specialises in constitutional, public, election and employment law.

He is the Chair of the Cabinet Workgroup on Law and Order and advises on legal issues pertaining to overreach.

Gareth Hughes


Gareth is a skilled barrister with over 25 years experience. His expertise is in the hospitality and entertainment sectors on both licensing and planning matters.

Gareth regularly acts as an advocate on behalf of clients before licensing committees all over the country and on appeal to the Magistrates’ Court, having dealt with cases right up to the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords on major points of law.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Licensing and a national director, as well as being Chairman of London region. He is also Chair of British Comedy Limited which preserves and fosters the tradition of British comedy and has raised half a million for charitable purposes.

Gareth is the Chair of the Cabinet Workgroup on Hospitality advising on law and the issues that the sector faces.

Harry Miller


Harry is a former police officer from Humberside and founder of Fair Cop. He is a well-known champion of the Article10 EHCR right to freedom of expression and information.

A specialist commentator on free speech, culture and the law and a legal strategist: Miller v College of Policing 2021; Miller v Chief Constable of Humberside 2020.

Harry is the Chair of the Cabinet Workgroup on Policing.

James Heartfield


James is a British historian, author and lecturer. He has written widely on history, social policy and culture.  He has extensive media experience, as a magazine journalist, and having worked as a TV producer; he has written for many newspapers and magazines, and contributed to radio and television.

James has been teaching and lecturing in London for the last twenty years, at a number of universities, colleges and professional associations.

He has also campaigned on housing and regeneration policies and is the Chair of the Cabinet Workgroup on Housing.

James Melville


James founded East Points West in 2010 as a consultancy that specialises in Sponsorship, Communications and Public Affairs.

He has worked with clients both locally in Cornwall and across the UK. Prior to this, James worked at Director level in PR, advertising and sponsorship agencies in London and has worked with a number of national and global clients.

James is also a social media influencer with 440,000 followers on Twitter / X and is a regular commentator on GB News and Talk TV.

He grew up on a 500 acre family farm in Fife, Scotland. A mixed farm of potatoes, wheat, barley and livestock.

James is the Chair of the Cabinet Workgroup on Media advising on strategy and communications.

Lembit Opik


Lembit, a former Liberal Democrat MP, is the Director of Communications and Public Affairs at the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the UK’s foremost riders’ rights organisation. 

He is a professional author, political commentator, broadcaster and film maker. He has studied climatology since 1978. Lembit also chairs the Parliament of the world’s first fully functioning digital democracy – Asgardia.

Lembit is the Chair of the Cabinet Workgroup on Transport.


The Chair of the Cabinet Workgroup on the Economy is a Senior Economist, who has expertise in international, financial service regulation, corporate governance, competition and public policy. This person currently has to remain out of the public eye due to the sensitive nature of their job and is building a strong and active working group.


The Chair of the Cabinet Workgroup on Farming will be announced shortly and a network is currently being built.

Public Sector

The Chair of the Cabinet Workgroup on the Public Sector works has worked for many years in local authority environments. A public facing Chair will be appointed in the near future.