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Axe The Tax

Campaign Start Date: 22/07/2022
Campaign End Date:

Campaign Summary

It’s time to Axe The Tax on Fuel, Gas and Electricity. #Together, a grassroots campaign organisation with over 300,000 signatories, today call on the next leader of this country to #AxeTheTax. It’s time to act, time to take responsibility for the damage inflicted on the country by Lockdowns and time to cut tax on fuel, gas and electricity. Our economy cannot be allowed to be crippled by the Green levy as we struggle together to mount a national recovery. British businesses and the British public have already paid more than enough for lockdown.

Campaign Overview

“The cost of lockdowns has been enormous. The cost of living crisis we now face with energy and fuel prices skyrocketting is a direct consequence of shutting society down and ongoing restrictions. We must not be forced to pay all over again after so much damage inflicted. It’s imperative that we make sure leaders end the Green Levy and VAT immediately. Axe the tax now together!” – Alan D Miller Co-Founder Together Association

The damage lockdown has done to families to businesses to employees and to children has been devastating. Massive lockdown overreach in the name of public “safety” was a monumental policy failure, we cannot and will not allow it to happen again. Excessive green taxes, excessive regulation and the ongoing burden of Lockdown debt precede the conflict in Ukraine. It is policy decisions at home rather than conflicts overseas that are driving spiraling energy costs, huge inflation and causing misery across the country.

“Thanks to catastrophic disruption from lockdowns, an economically suicidal Net Zero policy alongside Ukraine exacerbating the situation, we now have the worst cost of living crisis in most people’s living memory. Now is NOT the time to increase taxes.” – Hugh Osmond entrepreneur, businessman founder Punch Taverns

‘Heat or eat’ is a very real dilemma with many families across the country facing the prospect of an autumn in which they must make impossible choices just to survive at all.

“Small businesses make up 99% of all businesses in the UK, employ over three fifths of the workforce and are responsible for almost half the country’s entire revenue. Already burdened with Lockdown debt loans, thousands simply wont be able to pay the extra costs of energy, transportation and goods, which are all forecasted to continue to increase. Without a reduction in green taxes, fuel tax and a cap on energy they will have no choice but to make staff redundant, putting even more pressure on the treasury. Now is the time to pause, allow these businesses to recover and adapt to higher costs” – Bernie Spofforth CEO, IP Patents Global Manufacturing

It’s not too late, we can and we must take a different path, one that allows businesses to continue to operate, employees to remain employed and parents to provide for their children. We must act now to afford individuals and businesses the freedom required to mount an urgent recovery. This situation is unsustainable and unacceptable.

We have come #Together to demand action.

#Together are calling on the next leader of our country to axe the tax, on fuel on gas and on electricity, specifically –

  • Axe fuel duty – currently 52%
  • Axe VAT on domestic gas & electricity bills – currently 5%
  • Axe VAT on fuel – currently 20%
  • Axe Government, environmental & social schemes tax on domestic gas and electricity – currently approx 15%
  • Price cap of £1,300 for direct debit & pre-payment customers

Campaign Action Steps

As Together gets media coverage (see us on Talk TV HERE) and campaigns through social media, we need supporters to help, please, by following our calls to action, including:

  1. Signing and sharing as widely as possible our online petition HERE
  2. Writing to your MP
  3. Writing to your local Conservative Party member organisation
  4. Writing to your local member organisation for other political parties (e.g. Labour, Lib Dems, SNP etc)

Further Campaign Information

Campaign Progress

Updates on campaign progress will be added here once the campaign is under way.

Campaign Media