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End of Life Protocols

Campaign Start Date: 01/12/2023
Campaign End Date:

Campaign Summary

The Together Social Care team has a dedicated group working to expose the barbaric NHS protocols and practices that were largely responsible for sending thousands of elderly and vulnerable citizens to premature graves during the pandemic. These protocols (NG163 and subsequently NG191) were routinely applied in the case of elderly and vulnerable patients presenting with Covid symptoms in our hospitals and care homes.

Campaign Overview


As NHS whistleblowers, including palliative care consultants, have confirmed to Together, it is not only NG163 and NG191 protocols that are responsible for sending thousands to early graves. As campaigners have long suspected, the notorious Liverpool Care Pathway, supposedly outlawed in 2014, had been going on under the radar for years. During the Lockdown years, when families were shut out of care homes and hospitals, evidence suggests these practices went ‘on steroids.’

Excess deaths: then and now

As with other precedents introduced during the lockdown years, it is becoming increasingly evident that the NICE ‘end of life’ protocols introduced in response to Covid 19, are still being used in our hospitals and care facilities and are likely responsible for many of the excess deaths we are seeing among the elderly and vulnerable. The Together Social Care team believes these protocols are barbaric, inhumane, and must be stopped.

Watch our recent online call exploring some of the key issues.

Campaign Action Steps

Join us

If you suspect a loved one may have been impacted by these protocols, or you feel as outraged as we are about the way our elderly and vulnerable were and continued to be denied life-saving care and treatment, please contact us, via this website in the first instance. We would love to hear from you.

Further Campaign Information

Campaign Progress

Updates on campaign progress will be added here once the campaign is under way.

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