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NHS: What’s The Plan?

Campaign Start Date: 15/08/2022
Campaign End Date:

Campaign Summary

Repeated lockdowns (sold as being to ‘protect’ the NHS), along with over-the-top fear-based messaging and even the threat of vaccine mandates which drove away valuable staff, have left the NHS in its worst-ever position and it is the ordinary people of the UK who are now paying the price with massively delayed diagnoses and treatment and record waiting lists. Together, we are demanding that the key issues affecting the treatment of patients are addressed so that the government do not use the NHS as an excuse to call for further damaging restrictions such as lockdowns and other restriction on normal life, mandatory masks, and limited visiting to patients in hospitals. We need to know now, before the usual winter pressures: NHS, what’s the plan?

Campaign Overview

The restrictions imposed in the last two years have had a devastating impact on patients access to health care, the mental and physical health of millions and the economy and that cannot be allowed to happen again.

There are five key areas that must be addressed immediately:

  1. Staffing levels
  2. Bed capacity
  3. Waiting lists for operations
  4. Impact of lockdowns, masks and restrictions on visiting patients
  5. Stop PCR testing for COVID-19

Campaign Action Steps

Using our template letters provided below, we want all supporters to contact the following, asking ‘what’s the plan?’ and also tagging the relevant organisations on social media (e.g. Twitter) so they get the message:

  1. Your local NHS Trust or Health Board
  2. Your local MP
  3. The central office of the NHS in your country (e.g. NHS Scotland)
  4. Department of Health & Social Care

Further Campaign Information

Campaign Progress

UPDATE: 6 October 2022

Thousands of Together supporters have been contacting MPs, government departments and more asking “What’s The Plan” for the NHS? On 22 September new Health Secretary Therese Coffey announced ‘Our Plan for the NHS.’ We’ve looked closely and while it mentions all the key issues, it lacks enough detail on how, when, funding, and in particular retaining staff, many of whom feel undervalued, bullied, stressed and – frankly – broke thanks to the cost of lockdowns crisis.

We can’t accept yet another winter of restrictions on normal life to ‘save’ the NHS so please send this new template letter to your local MP today.

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