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No Covid jabs for Children

Campaign Start Date: 11/11/2021
Campaign End Date:

Campaign Summary

There is no justification for rolling out these shots to children. They are at no real risk from the disease and there is no long-term safety data. This is a huge public health failure and our mission is to make sure as many parents as possible make the safest and most sane choice for their child. We urge all parents to read the counter-narrative literature available and on this, Together takes the position that there is simply no justification for experimenting on children with these products.

Campaign Overview

We would like to link to some useful resources on this issue, in particular the work from the HART Group and Children Covid Vaccines Advisory Group and Safer to Wait. All groups conclude that this is an epic policy failure

Campaign Action Steps

Share widely the resources above so as many people as possible can understand that there is no consensus on this.

Further Campaign Information

Campaign Progress

Updates on campaign progress will be added here once the campaign is under way.

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