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No to ULEZ Expansion

No to ULEZ extension: a tax on the poor
Campaign Start Date: 01/02/2023
Campaign End Date:

Campaign Summary

The proposed ULEZ (“ultra Low Emission Zone”) extension in London is undemocratic, unfair and unjustified. Look past the London Mayor’s increasingly desperate ‘spin’ and junk science and we have another tax on the low-waged, tradespeople and small businesses, and another attack on our basic ability to move and live our lives free of interference, backed by ever-creepier surveillance and penalties.

Campaign Overview

Mayor Khan is under huge pressure on this… and no matter where you are in the UK, you are entitled to have a say.

Campaign Action Steps

Action 1: Complain to the Mayor’s Office at City Hall

Use the online form HERE – and write a message in your own words (better if you can) OR use ours below (you can use these same words for all actions on this page):

I wish to register my complete opposition to the ULEZ expansion which is undemocratic, unfair and unnecessary. The London Mayor is not listening. His plan is wrong and should be scrapped.

In the original ULEZ consultation, published results claimed that 59% of residents opposed the plan. It has now been revealed that around 66% was the true figure. Thousands of responses were arbitrarily discounted.

The public don’t want it. London boroughs are against. Surrounding counties are against. Even London Labour MPs are against. It seems very few are actually ‘for,’ except Sadiq Khan who has wilfully ignored the results of the consultation, scientific studies showing that ULEZ has no significant impact on pollution, and is refusing to engage with those raising serious concerns. He has deliberately avoided key questions raised at City Hall.

It appears this scheme is little more than another cynical tax on movement, and it will hit the worst-off hardest. It will be incredibly damaging for London, the people that live and work there, and the whole country.

Action 2: Complain to Transport for London

Use the online form HERE

Action 3: If you live in London, write to your London Assembly members

  • Go HERE
  • Enter postcode
  • On next screen click “Write to all your London Assembly list members”
  • Add your message
  • Follow instructions on the page to send to all, in one go


Action 4: If you live in London – or surrounding areas – write to your MP as well

Find your MPs contact details HERE

Be sure to include your address, so they know you’re a constituent.

(Note: they may reply ‘not my responsibility’ – don’t worry. It all helps get the message out.)

Action 5: Post on social media – use or adapt our text:

We don’t want ULEZ expansion @SadiqKhan @MayorofLondon @TfL

Unfair, unjustified, undemocratic

Low waged, low-income families and small business will be victims

Stop ULEZ @10downingstreet @rishisunak @Mark_J_Harper

Tag your London Assembly members or MP if local too.

Further Campaign Information

Campaign Progress

Updates on campaign progress will be added here once the campaign is under way.

Campaign Media