NEW Report: "Clean" Air, Dirty Money, Filthy Politics

Tell Broadcast Media To Cover Our New Report

Our new report, “Clean” Air, Dirty Money, Filthy Politics: The Big Bucks Behind the UK’s Anti-Car Policies & Air Pollution Panics …is making an impact with some good press coverage […]

CALL TO ACTION: Excess Deaths

Official statistics show ‘excess deaths’ in 2022 were among the worst in 50 years and this pattern has continued through the first half of 2023, across all age groups. In […]


Please watch Alan Miller’s short video on how to make your video testimonial. HERE are some examples from Haringey’s protest on 7 Jan  Your video must be LESS than 2 mins, explaining […]

Free Our Streets

Most of the public do NOT want “Low Traffic Neighbourhoods” (LTNs), so-called “15 minute city” schemes, roadblocks and other restrictions – but they’re being ignored. It’s time they were heard! […]

What would a cashless society mean for you?

We are increasingly hearing warning bells from many commentators about the potential perils of inviting Central Bank Digital Currencies into our lives and the elimination of cash.  There are valid […]

Together’s open letter to Scotrail

Together’s open letter to ScotRail Together is a movement for the whole UK that formed in 2021 to resist government overreach in the name of ‘safety.’ Unfortunately in Scotland we […]