The Government has launched a public call for evidence on its planned approach to covid-19 status certification (vaccine passports), in the event that it considers it necessary to introduce this measure over this autumn or winter.

Although it is all very rushed and everyone is distracted by petrol shortages, the call for evidence gives us the opportunity to respond to the proposed certification regime which could be introduced as part of the Plan B scenario for winter. This will affect settings where crowds mix and come into close contact such as nightclubs, sporting venues and other large events.

As many people as possible should provide their informed opinions, views and evidence that mandatory vaccine passports and covid testing for visitors and the employees are un-evidenced, discriminatory, detrimental to workers rights, counterproductive and intrusive.

We have found that you can leave questions blank instead of answering “Don’t know” where they ask leading questions. You can offer your thoughts in the open text boxes and explain why you didn’t check one of their answers. They want to record dissent as “don’t knows”.

Vaccine passports risk equality, liberty and privacy.

The deadline for responding to the consultation is 11.45pm on Monday 11th October.

Go here to fill in the survey The Consultation Questionnaire.

Why it’s being done Call for Evidence.

Details of the plan including “Plan B” Covid-19 Response: Autumn and Winter Plan.

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