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Free Our Streets

Most of the public do NOT want “Low Traffic Neighbourhoods” (LTNs), so-called “15 minute city” schemes, roadblocks and other restrictions – but they’re being ignored. It’s time they were heard!

The truth is that local councils are given huge sums of money from central government to implement these schemes, and stand to rake in more through fines on motorists.

Local authorities ignore the public and push ahead with these undemocratic schemes regardless.

We believe people need to be able to travel to LIVE THEIR LIVES as they see fit – if you agree, get involved and let’s push back! 

It can be done: Ealing residents organised themselves and won.


How To Get Involved:

1. Register for updates from us

You can do that here


2. Watch this recent interview with Together’s Alan Miller to learn more about the issues, us and our approach


3. Check the page below for your local area

For different areas, we are listing immediate actions to take, local groups to connect with, and background information for your area.

This page is a work in progress and updated regularly. If we haven’t got to your area yet, please see next item!


4. Organise in your local area

Please contact us with details and we can help connect you with others locally


5. Make us a video we can share

If these schemes are negatively affecting you, please make us a video we can share to raise awareness.

Please send short (LESS THAN 2 MIN) videos to explaining how the LTNs or similar restrictions are impacting your life. Here is an example.

Videos filmed ‘out and about’ to demonstrate how bad traffic is as a consequence of the LTNs are particularly powerful. Watch the short video from Together’s Alan Miller here for further instructions.


Actions You Can Take Now

Local Campaign Groups

Background Information



Local Campaign Groups

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