Local Meetups - Support For Organisers

Step 1/5

Watch the Together Local Meetups Info/Q&A video for an overview and answers to some of most common questions

Step 2/5

Optional – join the private WhatsApp group to help support you through our Guided Process

Note: you will need to have WhatsApp already installed on a smartphone to join

Step 3/5

Optional – follow our Guided Process suggested timetable to get your first meetup going

  • w/c 13 Jun – consume our info, join WhatsApp support group, pencil in date for your meetup [we suggest w/c 4 July], open an email account for your meetup with e.g. protonmail.com if you want to
  • w/c 20 Jun – try to get ONE PERSON confirmed by Wednesday (could be another local ‘organiser’/personal contact); in any case submit your Event to our website by Friday – watch video below explaining how…
  • w/c 27 Jun – we’ll promote your event; you field enquiries
  • w/c 4 Jul – hold your meetup
  • w/c 11 Jul – consider inviting attendees/interested people who couldn’t make it to a WhatsApp (more convenient) or Signal (more secure) message group to keep in touch; let us know how you got on

Step 4/5

Optional – confirm your consent to be introduced to another local ‘point of contact’, if there is one in your area

  • If there is another local point of contact in your area, we recommend teaming up
  • We need your explicit consent to introduce you – you can tell us this is OK via email
  • We will make any introductions via email
  • Please note we cannot guarantee there will be another local organiser in your local area

Step 5/5

Read our Info Pack to prepare you for the meetup, and look out for our weekly emails with reminders about the Guided Process timetable