NEW Report: "Clean" Air, Dirty Money, Filthy Politics

Meet the Team

Alan Miller

Alan Miller started his career in the nightlife industry, co-founding London's Old Truman Brewery, the Night Time Industries Association and latterly #OpenForAll which was launched in response to the threat of vaccine passports. He is a writer, producer and director, appearing regularly on mainstream news channels, championing civil liberties. In his work in the hospitality and business sector, Alan has demonstrated an ability to change policy at the highest level of government. He has experience working with local councils, influencing mayoral leadership in various cities as well as lobbying the Home Office, the Treasury, DCMS and BEIS while ensuring mainstream media coverage. He brings this vast wealth of experience and is now working full-time with #together which he co-founded in response to the government's draconian covid measures.

Lesley Katon

Lesley Katon has many years' campaigning experience, most recently for the Brexit party. She has worked as a producer, director and was instrumental in launching 'Unlocked TV' which produced important counter-narrative pieces from key voices such as Dr John Lee and Dr Mike Yeadon, which were viewed by millions. Lesley has worked for many years in UK media and has been the lynchpin in allowing #together to gain access to mainstream media.

Norris Windross

Norris Windross started his career as a promoter and DJ, being instrumental in the creation of the UK Garage scene where he launched a record label specialising in the UKG genre. He currently owns and manages several businesses in the music, entertainment and nightlife industries and was also involved in the development of the Truman Brewery in East London's arts and media quarter. He has a wealth of experience in organising large-scale events alongside venue and artist management, music production and publishing. More recently, he has also been involved in the creation of socially active groups with the intent of bringing together local communities.

Charlotte Gracias

Charlotte Gracias is a project manager with over 25 years experience in the public sector. She has been an activist and campaigner for local issues, with political parties and on larger national campaigns.

Rob Tyson

Rob Tyson is an online marketing specialist with 20 years experience in online media and training. Rob is a small business owner, as were his parents. In addition, he has spent most of his career working with other small businesses so is acutely aware of how the last two years have taken a huge toll on this vital sector of our economy.