NEW Report: "Clean" Air, Dirty Money, Filthy Politics

NEW: "Clean" Air, Dirty Money, Filthy Politics

The Big Bucks Behind the UK's Anti-Car Policies & Air Pollution Panics

The new report from Ben Pile (read it below) reveals how the world’s richest men fund UK green activism.

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“Clean” Air, Dirty Money, Filthy Politics is the second joint report produced by Climate Debate and Together and reveals how a small number of the world’s billionaires are shaping UK air pollution policies by funding partisan groups to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds.

Building on Is there an ‘air pollution crisis’ in UK cities?, which debunked the claims that an ‘air pollution crisis’ was the cause of ‘4,000 deaths per year’ in London, “Clean” Air, Dirty Money, Filthy Politics is a comprehensive exposé of the incestuous relationship between billionaire philanthropists and UK policymakers, universities and academics, and ‘grassroots’ pollution and Net Zero lobby groups.

The report highlights that:

  • Philanthropy has exceeded any reasonable definition of ‘charitable giving’.
  • The green policy agenda follows the model of big global political philanthropy.
  • Air pollution policies such as ULEZ are proxy battles of the climate war.
  • Philanthropy shapes academic research priorities.
  • The public has been excluded from politics. Politicians’ own statements show that the green policy agenda represents a pact between government, civil society, academia, and big business.


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