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The Declaration

We the undersigned reject vaccine passports or any similar form of medical certification in the United Kingdom and invite you to add your voice to ours by signing this open letter.

Together, we represent more than 200 organisations, business groups, campaigners and professionals who have come together because we are gravely concerned about where the introduction of vaccine passports could lead.

In the UK, we enjoy many hard-won liberties and rights, all fought for and defended by our ancestors. These rights are not only fundamental to our understanding of democracy, they are rights we believe all humans should have.

Some of us are lucky enough to have been born with these rights, but others have experienced the perils of segregation, suppression, and surveillance first hand.

However with vaccine passports in the picture and digital IDs under consideration, some of our hard-won rights are now under serious threat.

We have already come together and made incredible sacrifices throughout the Covid-19 crisis. What began with ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ turned into months of isolation with millions missing out on medical treatment, children deprived of education, businesses and livelihoods lost, families unable to visit elderly loved ones, and weddings, funerals, and social gatherings restricted or cancelled.

The glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel — ‘15 million jabs to freedom’ to protect the most vulnerable — soon faded as the goalposts kept on moving. When ‘freedom day’ finally arrived, the accompanying announcement of vaccine passports meant the prospect of returning to ‘normal’ had once again slipped away.

We are human. We know this makes us seek safety above everything else. We seek it for ourselves, we seek to protect those we love, and we strive for a safe world for our children — and sometimes rules and restrictions can help us to feel safer.

But we also know life is about balance and catching ourselves when we go too far in response to our own fear.

Being ordered to produce medical certification at pubs, clubs, theatres, on public transport, at schools, universities, or anywhere else, is unwarranted and risks deepening the inequalities already present within our society.

Today it could be a vaccine passport to enter a pub, but what could it be tomorrow?

We can already see from where these measures have been introduced elsewhere in the world that they lead to many a free society would wish to avoid. Among the consequences are segregation, suppression and surveillance, being unable to dine together, long queues to enter venues, children barred from taking exams or socialising, and the nightmare scenario of being denied access to healthcare.

We want a free, fair and open society for ourselves, our friends and our families. We want to eat, work, dance, and pray together. We want our children to be able to play, learn and grow together.

This is therefore the moment when we must catch ourselves, when we recognise we are going too far by requiring medical certification just to participate in normal life.

Now it is our turn to protect the freedoms our forebears sacrificed so much to protect — for ourselves, for our children and for our communities. Now is the time to say ‘no’ to any mandate requiring permission to participate in everyday life.

If you agree that now is the time to work together to help keep each other safe whilst also safeguarding our democracy and normality, then this is your opportunity to make your voice heard.

Please join us by signing below and let’s send the message loud and clear: No Vaccine Passports Anywhere.

We can change this, together.

Signatures so far....


Rev. Dr. William Philip

Christian Leaders v Vaccn Passports

Rev. Dr. Jamie Franklin

Christian Leaders v Vaccn Passports

Dr. Jade Norris

Research Psychologist

Dr. Lee Jones

Queen Mary University of London

Dr. Ashley Frawley

Sen Lecturer Sociology & Soc Policy

Dr. Jonathan Engler MB ChB LLB (Hons)

Dr. Jennie Bristow

Sociologist, Writer

Dr. Tony Hinton FRCS

Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Gary Sidley

Retired NHS Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Niall McCrae

Workers of England Union

Dr. Tara McCormack

Lecturer in International Politics

Dr. P. Cooper

Consultant Physician

Dr. Damian Wilde

Specialist Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Alan Mordue MB ChB, FFPH

Retired Consultant in Public Health

Dr. Clare Craig Bm BCh FRCPath


Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp


Dr. Rosamond Jones

Retired Consultant Paediatrician

Dr. Zenobia Storah

Child & Adolescent Psychologist

Dr. Ali Haggett

Community Mental Health

Sir Graham Brady MP

Chairman of the 1922 Committee

Steve Baker MP

Deputy Chair of the COVID Recovery Group

Sir Desmond Swayne MP

MP for New Forest West

Esther McVey MP

MP for Tatton

Philip Davies MP

MP for Shipley

Chris Green MP

MP for Bolton West

Henry Smith MP

MP for Crawley

The Lord Sharpe of Epsom OBE

Lord-in-waiting Government Whip

William Coulson SDP

Leader of SDP Party

Alan D Miller


David Fleming

Founder Covid19 Assembly & PIN

Danny Rampling

International DJ

Richard Fairbrass

Right Said Fred

Rod Humphris

Landlord, The Raven of Bath

Lee Hurst



International DJ & Producer

Matt Le Tissier


Rob Star

Electric Star Pubs

Tanya Klymenko, PhD, FHEA, FIBMS

Sen lecturer in Biomedical Sciences

Gillian McKeith


Ceri Dingle

Charity Director

Professor David Paton

Chair of Industrial Economics

Professor Dennis Hayes

Academics for Academic Freedom

Luke Johnson

Risk Capital Partners

Francis Hoar


Claire Fox

Director Academy of Ideas

Christopher Snowdon


Carl Ikeme

Former Goalkeeper for Wolves

Dan Davies

Chair Institute of Licensing

Kunle Olulode MBE

Director Voice4Change England

Aaron Mellor

CEO Tokyo Industries

Dean Schiavi

Managing Director Tradewinds Travel

David Kurten

The Heritage Party

Richard Tice

Reform UK

Laurence Fox


Dinah Glover

Former Conservative Area Chairman

Ben Habib

Former MEP for London

Nigel Jacklin

The Democratic Network

Brian Monteith

Former MEP & MSP

Toby Young

Daily Sceptic

Richard Ings

Campaigner & Writer

Dan Astin #REF!

Founder Elevate Media

Charlotte Gracias


Heidi Duckworth

Executive Chairman Rock Up Limited

Julia Hartley-Brewer


Laura Dodsworth


James Melville

Sponsorship & PR Consultant

Norris Windross

DJ Producer Promoter

Emma Kenny

Psychologist, Broadcaster, Writer

Sue Cook

Writer & Broadcaster

Professor Frank Furedi

Author, Commentator, Sociologist

Dominique Samuels

Commentator & Writer

Francis Foster

Comedian & co host of @triggerpod

Lewis Schaffer

Comedian & Nunhead Resident

Nick Dixon

Comedian / Rebel

Andrew Doyle

Writer, Comedian & Broadcaster

Timandra Harkness

Author & Broadcaster

Carl Heneghan

Prof of EBM, Director @CebmOxford

Anthony Webber

Political Analyst & Founder @NationalAlliaUK

Fraser Myers

Deputy Editor of spiked

Paul Embery

Trade Unionist and Writer

Inaya Folerin-Iman

Journalist & Broadcaster

Tiffany Jenkins

Writer, Author & Broadcaster

Ashley Frawley

Sociology Lecturer @SwanseaUni

Marcantonio Spada

Prof of Psychology at London's Southbank University

Professor Karol Sikora

Oncologist, CMO @Rutherford_Hplc

Anna Brees


Jeffrey Peel


Louise Creffield

Founder Save Our Rights UK

David Williams

Forward Ever Inclusion Services

Wayne George

Founder DejaVu Raio

Rhoda Persad

The Great Reopening

Leilani Dowding

TV Personality

John James

Soho Estates

Calvin Robinson


Alex Proud


Liz Cole


Allison Pearson

Journalist & author

Sophia Rose Ramsden

Founder a Stand in the Park UK

Jo Rogers

Lawyers for Liberty

Dr. Elizabeth Evans

UK Medical Freedom Alliance

Ebony Varney

Freedom Business Community

Michelle McDines

UK Freedom Project

Professor Martin Neil

Queen Mary, University of London

Lucy Padina


Sarah Waters


Tammy Bussey

Child Social Worker

Livia Pontes

Clinical Psychologist

Josephine Hussey

Primary School teacher

Neil Shah

The Stress Management Society

Heidi Stone

Positive Psychologist

Michelle Sharples

Specialist Community PH Nurse

Stephen Jackson

Principal, Jackson Osborne Solicitors

Peter Chan

Functional Medical Practitioner

Karen Baines Bsc (Hons) Podiatry

Director of The Dronfield Foot Clinic

Carol Dempster

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Allan Dodds


Elizabeth Fox

Owner of Tropic Skincare

Juliet Laws

Owner of Medispa S10

Emily Bakewell

Support Worker

Kerry Pots


Lorraine Surringer

Supply teacher

Emma Hall

Owner Emma Hall Healing

Sam Heath

Transformational Coach

Holly Price

Nurse Practitioner/Purple Aura

Nicola Reekie

Therapist at The PDA Space

Kelly Donovan


Jacqueline Fowler


Dave Perks


Toby Marshall


Zoe Clews

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Jonathan Alister Hannah

Mental Health Support Worker

James David Witt


Sam Bussey


Ryan Karter


Jonathan Lea

The Jonathan Lea Network

Blair Nimmo BSc

BBN International

Jamie Young

Tristar Global

Ben Rubin


Emily Hill


Simon Gilchrist


Darren Selkus

Chairman and CEO UV Group Plc

Kerry O’Brien (Lady Mc)

Young Urban Arts Foundation

Emma Sayle

Founder Killing Kittens

Vanessa Bailey

Actress/Filmmaker Nine Yards Films

Natasha Guthrie


Shauna O’Briain

MC Angel

Zoe Priselac

Life insurance broker

Carlos Carello

Director & Owner Raffles Chelsea

Jeff Smith

Hybrid CRM & Pi Media Creative

Sandy Lancaster

Owner of Stitched Up in Eden

Paddy Baines

Director KPS Lifestyle Products

Mark Chadwick

Voice over artist

Tracie Hunter

Owner of Hunters Agency

Anna de Buisseret

Senior Employment Lawyer

Peter Gregory

Owner of Sarni's of Sheffield

Michael Breeze

Owner of Daddy Beanz

Alexander Cassel


Heather McBain

Owner "Forget Me Not" coffee shop

Joel Smalley

Data Scientist

JJ Charlesworth

Art Critic & Writer

Jesse Wilson

Know Your Human Rights

Peter Marks


James Findlay


Roger Bowles


Emma Fletcher

Dir. Stage Invaders Entertainments

Nico Macdonald

Big Potatoes Manifesto Convenor

Roya Andrews

United We Grow

Josie Appleton

The Manifesto Club

Neil Dorrington

Director A Hard Day’s Night

Nacho Salz

Stand Up X

Kelly Scott

Stand Up X

Robin Monotti

Love Not Fear

Adam Brooks

Landlord Three Colts & The Owl Pubs

Maajid Nawaz


Dr. Zoe Harcombe PhD

Adele Leanne Mcginn

Alexander Choat


Amanda Seldon

Andrea V Frydl

Andy Marlow

Ann Burch

Arthur Hastwell

Bella Wallersteiner

Carl Ikeme

Catherine Ashcroft

Charlotte Broom

Charlotte Bull

Claire Lisa Richardson

Collete Risa Hirst

Connie Woodall

Danielle Frater

Darren of Plymouth

Dawn Baxter

Dawn Rayner

Dean Josham

Deborah Grant

Dee Follock

Dominic Corker

Donna Anderson

Donna Rogerson

Dr. Ron Daniels

Elizabeth Jane Hill

Emma Hattersley

Eric Janovsky

Farzan Hakimifard

Felicity Lillington

Fiona Hall

Fraser Carruthers

Gabriella Fisher

Gary Livingstone

Gemma Drakes

Gianni Piletto

Hannah Ashcroft

Helen Hearnshaw

Jake Parkinson-Smith

Jennifer Pollock

Joanne Nettleton

Joanne Robby

Josephine Leibrandt

Julie Graham

Julie Holland

Julie T Mills

Karen Ross

Karl D Adams

Karl Gelder

Kat Peseran

Kate Hattersley

Kate Maclean

Kathryn McNamara

Kira Nikkita Hardie-Clay

Konstantin Kisin

Laura Raina

Lauren Brooker

Ling Stevenson

Lisa Birchall

Lou Leebetter

Maria Jasmine Ahmed

Mark Hearnshaw

Mary Allen

MC Creed

Michael Walton

Mo Webb

Nadia Mcdonald

Natasha Frater

Patricia Lundie

Paul Blakeman

Paula Jayne Campbell

Ria Walsh

Richard Weaver

Rose Williams

Saeed Ahmed

Samantha Pollit

Sammie Leatham

Sarah Challiner

Sarah LS Rayner

Sarah Prior

Shamir Masri

Simone Piletto

Sophia Ali

Stuart Henderson

Timothy Cuttcliffe

Tonia Buxton

Vicki Hallam

Jean Dale

Victoria Slatter

Warwick Cooney

William Thomson

Zipporah Baines

Mr Sylwester Suchecki


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