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Stop Zone Control – Chiswick Event Friday 20 Jan

Join us in West London on Friday 20 Jan - 12pm Chiswick Memorial Club, Bourne Place, W4 2EL

Alan Miller will a guest speaker in Chiswick on Friday 20 January at the Stop Zone Control event at the Chiswick Memorial Club

Alan of Salisbury will also be speaking and hopefully one or two surprise guests. This will be more of a planning action group day with brief presentations, and the aim is to unite with the London boroughs who are opposing this, which include Harrow and Hillingdon. Please post in online neighbourhood groups and get this out wide. 

This was planned very quickly and time is short before the councils start development. 

Planned responses will include petitioning, leafletting, engaging with local businesses and conscious non-compliance!

Let’s push back on these impositions on freedom of movement #together!