#together with MPs at Parliament SquarePosted: Sunday 21st November 2021

On Wednesday 17 November 2021 we met #together with MPs at Parliament Square including Sir Graham Brady, Steve Baker, Chris Green, Sammy Wilson and David Jones. They spoke to us about why they are opposing Vaccine Passports and support #TogetherDeclaration This is a livestream done on the day by Richard Ings with Dan Astin Gregory Pandemic Podcast.

It also has footage of the 120 foot Together Declaration banner that was unfurled. We will continue to have our voices heard and amplified #together. Please sign togetherdeclaration.org send your MP a letter, call them and visit them and organise locally with us. Together we are Stronger.

The Together Declaration in ManchesterPosted: Saturday 9th October 2021

The Together Declaration in ManchesterPosted: Wednesday 6th October 2021

The launch of the Together DeclarationPosted: Wednesday 25th August 2021

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